Thursday, June 16, 2016

Party Games 4/55 Australia First Party

The Australia First Party. Where to begin? They haven't changed much from 2013. They still want Australia for Australians, a strict adherence to a Christian and European only policy, their policy on marriage equality is "Say no to deviancy," and banning multiculturalism.

Now as someone who enjoys Japanese food, American TV, German board games, English literature, Turkish Delight, middle eastern kebabs, a good Indian curry, and more, banning multiculturalism seems like a bad idea to me. I think inviting others to join us in Australia and contribute things from their homelands to our combined culture makes us better. This is not an attitude the Australia First Party agrees with. In fact, they are for limiting Australia to their narrow vision of what it is to be Australian.

Their citizenship/immigration policy is a prime example of this. They would simplify the existing visa system to three classes - 1: Foreign visitor, 2: Temporary resident, and 3: Naturalized citizen. In implementing this system they'd deport everyone currently here under existing visas, revoke citizenship of most naturalized Australians and make them reapply, withdraw from existing treaties regarding accepting refugees, pretty much refuse to accept any refugees at all, instead sending them straight back to the coutry they came from and billing that country (kind of like Trump getting Mexico to pay for the wall). Their guidelines for becoming a citizen are very strict, and even once you become a naturalized citizen, it can be instantly revoked for numerous reasons. One odd point that stuck out to me was that it would be illegal for a naturalized citizen to carry or own a firearm, while elsewhere on their site they say that ownership of firearms is a constitutional right.

It would be petty of me to point out the numerous 404 errors and links inviting me to log in so I could edit the pages, but I spent so much time looking for something positive to say I feel I've earnt a little pettiness. The one positive thing I found was that thanks to some of their conspiracy theory beliefs, they acknowledge their not going to get into parliament and only run candidates for the publicity.

One final note, while I've included their proposed party logo to be used on ballots, unlike other parties I've done this for, they currently haven't had theirs approved by the AEC due to the objections of a number of groups to the group using the Eureka flag as their logo.

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