Thursday, June 23, 2016

Party Games 22/55 Drug Law Reform Party

The Drug Law Reform Party are another of the single issue partys. Their cause is the decriminalisation of drug usage and treating addiction as a health issue rather than a criminal one. They look to examples such as Colorado, Portugal, and other places that have brought in such changes as a positive example to follow. These seem like good examples. While my own personal experience in Portugal was just a skeevy guy on the street trying to sell me pot, their decriminalisation had good results for them. And Colorado made $53 million in taxes on pot in the first year (although it was less than the $70 million they were expecting).

They've also acknowledged that there would be more to being in parliament than just drug law reform. Their answer is to let their elected members have a conscience vote on other matters, with the caveat that they wouldn't vote block supply. That they've considered the issue puts them ahead of most single issue parties, but it makes the views of the individual candidates more important to take into consideration when voting.

Finally, a point of trivia. The party's founder Greg Chipp is the son of the founder of the Australian Democrats, Don Chipp.

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