Monday, June 20, 2016

Party Games 10/55 Australian Equality Party (Marriage)

The Australian Equality Party (Marriage), despite it's slightly clunky name, is another single issue party, this time with a focus on achieving equality for Australia's LGBTIQ population. They have a pretty comprehensive set of changes they would like to see, starting with marriage equality, and adding anti-discrimination protection, updating legal documentation requirements to be accepting of wider ranger of gender identities, better provision of health care for the LGBTIQ community, and related issues.

The name does seem a bit clunky, with marriage tacked on in brackets at the end, but as the expansion of the LGBTIQ acronym over time has shown the relevant community is ok with this sort of clunkyness. I think they've added it just to make it a bit clearer what sort of equality they are advocating as otherwise Australian Equality just by itself makes it hard to judge what they're for when completing a ballot paper with only the party name to go on.

In terms of diversity of policy areas the Australian Equity Party (Marriage) has about the same range as the Australian Cyclists Party, but the areas they've chosen let me know that they're a closer match to my values.

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