Sunday, June 26, 2016

Party Games 30/55 Liberal Democratic Party

The Liberal Democratic Party keeps up its position of being strongly small government. I've seen no changes in policy from last time around, so that means they still want a government with zero net assets, a foreign legion organisation, no taxation, minimal foreign aid, abolishing the minimum wage and employment standards, that the ideal inflation rate is zero, hoping that charities rather than the government will supply a safety net for the unfortunate, and that motorcyclists shouldn't have to wear helmets. On that last item, if you're stupid enough to think you'll be ok riding a motorbike without a helmet, I think you're stupid enough that you should be made to do so.

The LDP fail to grasp that there can be benefits to collective action effected through government, that not every human endeavour is best suited to a free market, and indeed that a free market can have positive and negative outcomes. This become especially clear in their position on climate change, which boils down to we'll be right, the free market will sort it out. This is the free market with oil companies that have been aware of the impact of climate change since the late 70s but have been arguing since then that a) it wasn't happening, b) its is happening but not caused by humans, c) ok it is happening and is caused by humans, but it won't be that bad, d) that yes it will be that bad but it'll be too expensive too stop and we'll be able to adjust. Forgive me for not wanting someone in it just for a buck making the decisions there.

The LDP is a party with a "No government" hammer seeing everything as a nail, despite reality not being that way.

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