Sunday, June 26, 2016

Party Games 24/55 Glenn Lazarus Team

The Glenn Lazarus Team is a spin off of the Palmer United Party. Glenn Lazarus followed fellow PUP senator Jacqui Lambie's footsteps and started his own party after quitting PUP. Lazarus' team has a different set of priorities which shows in its policy mix.

I like most of the policies they have put forward. Their environment policy has a strong push for better renewable energy targets, removing and limiting subsidies for fossil fuels, dealing with invasive species, and protecting world heritage areas. On health they say they want to make sure that GP visits are free, but don't say if this will be by increasing medicare payments or restricting doctors from charging co-payments (I'd be kind of ok with the latter if it came with the former.) Their stance on marriage equality is to legalise it so that the $160 million the coalition plans to spend on a plebiscite can be allocated to services supporting at risk LGBT youth such as mental healthcare and suicide prevention.

I do feel that their proposal for a US Jones Act type law to restrict maritime shipping around Australia to Australian owned and operated vessels to be a bit too nationalistic and protectionist, as are their Australian labelling proposals. I'm also not sure I agree with the family home being excluded from asset tests to receive a pension, mainly because I'm not sure I agree with someone owning a multimillion dollar house receiving a pension. Excluding up to a certain value of the family home I could support, but not the whole value.

Overall, not bad for a former footballer known as "the brick with eyes."

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