Sunday, June 26, 2016

Party Games 32/55 Nick Xenophon Team

Since last election the Nick Xenophon Team has expanded, and this election will be running senate candidates in all six states. With the double dissolution and Nick's strong support in South Australia, it looks likely there will be at least two team members in the new Senate, if not more. So where does the team stand?

Most of their policies I can agree with. Restrictions on gambling is a good idea, as is increasing foreign aid. They support marriage equality, better treatment of asylum seekers, a national ant-corruption body, better mental health care, and better education funding are also good ideas.

I am curious about the suggestion that utility prices should be tied to the CPI. Since utility prices are included when calculating the CPI, this would require some clarification on how they want this to work. Their policy on GMOs seems a bit alarmist as well.

Overall, I won't be too concerned if the remain an important part of the senate cross bench, but I'm don't think they'll pick up any seats outside of SA.

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