Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Party Games 16/55 Christian Democratic Party

The Christian Democratic Party continue to be own of the stronger Christian parties out there, with a very strict and dogmatic approach to policy. They feel that government should be under the authority of God and to serve his purposes. This is something I disagree with.

As a strongly Christian party, there's not many surprises policy wise. They want more God in government, they want no changes to the definition of marriage, mandatory internet filtering, funding for Christian universities, harsher penalties for crime, zero-tolerance for drugs, anti-abortion. Their view on the environment is that God gave it to us so it can't get that bad. They have also joined the anti-halal bandwagon and the anti-ABC bandwagon.

While that's more than enough for them to lose my vote, there are a few things they want that I agree with. They want limits on gambling and poker machines, protecting penalty rates, and giving farmers tax benefits for investing in drought preparedness.

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