Sunday, June 26, 2016

Party Games 27/55 Jacqui Lambie Network

Jacqui Lambie was the first of the PUP senators to go rogue and split from the party, and now she's leading her own party. As a Tasmanian she has a bit of an advantage over Glenn Lazarus in keeping her senate spot due to Tasmania's lower population. She has also put forward a different mix of policies.

The Jacqui Lambie Network takes a series of right-wing positons, starting with joining the anti-halal brigade with the likes of Cory Bernardi, strong support for the military (not surprising for an former member of the armed services), cutting foreign aid, and opposing renewable energy because it costs more.

I agree with their support for nuclear energy, but that's about it.

Lambie also has a habit of including tables with information that doesn't actually say much about the relevant policies. For example, on the taxation page she has a table of how many people in each state have negatively geared properties and the percentage of all such people each state has. Unfortunately all this table tells us is that the distribution of such people matches the distribution of people around Australia. So NSW has about 30% of the population and 30% of all the people who own negatively geared properties. A more useful table might tell us what proportion of the population owns a negatively geared property (around 5%).

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