Thursday, June 30, 2016

Party Games 49/55 The Arts Party

Another of the new parties this election, The Arts Party advocates for greater funding and support for the arts in all their forms. This means better funding for the ABC and SBS, better funding for arts funding bodies such as the Australia Council, more time spent on art at school, extra funding for performances is regional areas, and so on. I'm pretty meh on most of that except for the ABC & SBS funding. Where they managed to regain my interest was support for restarting the Interactive Games Fund to support video game developers. This shows that they are open to new art forms, which is promising.

They also put forward some revenue raising ideas since pretty much all of their policies involve more spending. Their revenue raisers include extra taxes on banks, a reform of negative gearing, changes to how super is taxed, and creating a lottery to fund arts projects. These look to be sensible ideas, to the degree allowed by the level of specificity included in their policies.

They also have a poet in residence, which I think is a good way of exemplifying what they stand for.

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