Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Party Games 44/55 Science Party

Welcome to the future of the Future Party, where they've rebranded as the Science Party. Other than the new name, not much else has changed. In fact, at one point they say the support the NBN under the current fibre to the premises model. This means they still have a pretty good set of policies that appeal to me as a science nerd type.

These include high speed rail (come on over Bullet Train for Australia supporters), setting up a space agency to collaborate with other nations, better funding for education, and better funding for research. Their plan for a land tax also still makes me question how local governments will manage their cash flow when they only receive income when properties are sold, rather than on an annual basis.

Finally, while looking for Australian scientists who we could name their proposed charter city after instead of Alan Turing (no disrespect to the god of codes, I just feel we should find someone local), I learned of the existance of David Scienceman, which may be one of the coolest names ever.

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