Sunday, November 24, 2013

By The Numbers 47/52

Only 5 weeks left to the year. Damn.

Net Cash: -$152.54
A lower than normal paycheck due to missing a day and a half of work due to being interstate didn't help.
Jobs applied for: 0
I'm a bad human being and deserve to suffer for it.

Net Calories: ?
I've been slacking off from the habit of keeping track. This is a less than good turn of events.
Weight: 91 kg
This is a better turn of events.

Bike Riding: 423 km
Books read: 0
Games Played: 8. 4x Hanabi 3x Magic: The Gathering, 1x DnD. There's also been a dozen or so plays of Lords of Waterdeep against the AI on my phone, but here I'm only counting games involving humans other than myself.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

By The Numbers 45&46/52

A combined post this time. Last weeks post was missed as I had to travel interstate for 5 days due to a family emergency. Most figures will be for the fortnight rather than the week and some will be missing as I had other concerns than keeping track of things while I was away.

Net cash: -$873.30
Plane tickets, hotels and meals are the major contributors. I also had to renew my drivers license this week, which was another $150 (I recall only having to pay $55 last time I renewed it 5 years ago).
Jobs applied for: 0
I need more chiding it appears.

Net Calories: good question
Weight: 93kg
creeping back up.
Fitocracy points: 0
I probably could have claimed some for all the walking around Melbourne I did running errands.

Bike Riding: 669 km
Books read: 1 Science: Ruining Everything Since 1543 a kickstarted SMBC collection that arrived two weeks ago. Still making my way through The Signal and the Noise.
Games played: 19. Through the Ages online, Dominion, 7 Wonders, One Night Ultimate Werewolf x4, Magic: The Gathering x12
Bones: No painting worth mentioning.

Monday, November 04, 2013

By The Numbers 44/52

Another week closer to the end of the year.

Net Cash: -$269.30
The Bones II Kickstarter was about tad over $160, I bought a bunch of paint to use on Bones I, and with late shifts I've been spending too much on takeaway food.
Jobs Applied for: 1
Thanks to the friend who chided me on my lack of effort in this area. External pressure seems to be much more effective in this area than internal pressure.

Net Calories: 3642 Calories
That's a lot of extra calories
Weight: 92 kg
And I'm down a kilo. Imagine how much better I'd have done if I'd not eaten so much.
Fitocracy points: 0
Fitocracy claim to have fixed the issues with their apps. I'll see if that is so.

Books read: 0
Movies seen: 1
Thor 2. Enjoyable, nothing too deep, and while it was interesting to see Loki being his own worst enemy while imprisoned, if you're going to imprison Loki you don't do it by putting him in a white room, you do it by binding him under the earth with his own entrails with a serpent dripping venom into his face.
Games played: 10
2x Rheinlander, 5x Hanabi (including two games with a final score of 24 out of a possible 25), 2 x Cards Against Humanity (very fun, will play again), and 1x Bootleggers
Bones painted: 0 completed. Still working on my ranger, and I've started two more (a bard and a halfling)