Sunday, November 24, 2013

By The Numbers 47/52

Only 5 weeks left to the year. Damn.

Net Cash: -$152.54
A lower than normal paycheck due to missing a day and a half of work due to being interstate didn't help.
Jobs applied for: 0
I'm a bad human being and deserve to suffer for it.

Net Calories: ?
I've been slacking off from the habit of keeping track. This is a less than good turn of events.
Weight: 91 kg
This is a better turn of events.

Bike Riding: 423 km
Books read: 0
Games Played: 8. 4x Hanabi 3x Magic: The Gathering, 1x DnD. There's also been a dozen or so plays of Lords of Waterdeep against the AI on my phone, but here I'm only counting games involving humans other than myself.

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