Tuesday, October 29, 2013

By The Numbers 43/52

A bit late this time round.

Net Cash: $55.19
Thanks to time zones I can put the Bones II kickstarter in next weeks accounts.
Jobs applied for: 0

Net Calories: 1504 Calories
Pizza on the weekend was a bad idea. The rest of the week had been pretty good.
Weight: 92.8kg
I got a more accurate figure this week as I gave blood today and they checked my weight.
Fitocracy points: 304
Fitocracy is having some major issues with their recent updated version, but that's still no excuse for me not exercising as much.

Books read: 0
I did pick up The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver which looks to be an interesting read.
Games played: 6 Flowerfall, 7 Wonders, 2x Hanabi (including my first loss), Ricochet Robots, and The Resistance: Avalon
Bones painted: 0 (I undercoated 2 and bought some more paint. I've now spent more on paint than on the figures themselves)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

By The Numbers 42/52

A better week in pretty much every way. I can walk again.

Net Cash: $332.42
About half the surplus is from my monthly bonus, the other is from the fact I bought a lot of groceries late last week and didn't need to buy any this week.
Jobs applied for: 0

Net Calories: -1732 Calories
Yay, under my target
Weight: 92 kg
Fitocracy points: 200
Fitocracy level: 17

Books read: 1
I finished Against a Dark Background
Games played: 8. Glen More, Roll Through the Ages, and 6 games of Magic: The Gathering
Bike riding: 162km
Since I can walk, I can ride again as well.
Bones painted: 1/3
I'm still working on my elven ranger. No pics as until it's done.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

By The Numbers 41/52

Net Cash: -$1.90
Too much snacking and buying lunch at work.
Jobs applied for: 0

Net Calories: 1477 Calories
Weight: 93 kg
Fitocracy points: 235
I did some seated exercises with the dumbbells.

Books read: 0
Still working my way through Against a Dark Background
Games Played: 1 To Court the King
Bones painted: about 1
I finished up the skeleton guy from last week, and have no started on an elven ranger which I've been using for DnD

The Tragedy of Klothan the Traitorous, formerly Klothan Demonsbane

Klothan was born in one of the temple cities on the Plains of Lamora. The plagues took his family when he was quite young, as they did many others, and he was raised in one of the temples among the other orphans. As he grew his strength of arms was matched on by the strength of his faith. It was natural that he would become a champion of good, using his strength and faith to defend against the forces of evil.

Klothan fought in the first demonic incursion that occurred in the city of Sateda, hunted down several demon worshiping cults, in one case defeating the demon they had summoned in single combat.

In light of this, when the girl prophecised to be the next high priestess of Charol, the Goddess of Mercym was kidnapped by demon worshipers, Klothan was the one chosen to find and rescue her. Klothan tracked down the cultists, but by the time he entered their lair, the ritual had already begun. Though he wreaked havoc on the cultists, he could not defeat the demon they had summoned. After a duel that lasted hours and seeing no other way of accomplishing his mission, he made a deal with the demon, his life and soul for the girl's. The demon agreed and Klothan's life was ended.

Klothan expected that he would experience an eternity of physical and mental torture in one of the hells, but the demons were more creative in his torture than he could have expected. He was conscripted as a general into the demons' army, leading the forces he had once so fiercely fought against. Sateda was razed, the Plains of Lamora tormented, but the worst was to come a number of years later, when Klothan was ordered by the demons to assassinate the girl he had given his soul to save the night before she was to be elevated to the rank of High Priestess.

Monday, October 07, 2013

By The Numbers 40/52

No comment this week.

Net Cash: -$72.36
Jobs Applied for: 0
Jobs applied for at my current work two months ago that they finally decided they can't actually appoint anyone to for business reasons after advertising and interviewing people for the role for the second time in 5 months: 1

Net Calories: 1680 Calories
Not much by exercise and a lack of sleep has led to extra snacking (a sugar rush is a short term solution but I can't just spend 45 minutes on a treadmill at home to work it off anymore)
Weight: 92 kg
Go figure
Fitocracy points: 0
Crutches still in use: 2
Another check up at the hospital this week. They said I can put some more weight on my right leg (about half my weight) and I got new rubber caps for the bottom of the crutches which were rather worn out (I think I do a fair bit more walking than the average person on crutches).

Books read: 0
I'm in the middle of reading Against a Dark Background.
Games Played: 2 Hacienda and To Court the King, both online
Bones Painted: 2/3
I decided to move up from furniture and paint an actual figure. I chose this guy because I don't have any flesh tone paints yet and since his head is a skull it avoids the whole issue of flesh tones, and I'd liked how the skulls on the previous two pieces turned out. I still have a bit of detail work and tidying up to do, but I think it's coming along well. I'm also really impressed at the quality of the pictures my phone takes.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

By the Numbers 39/52

Better late than never

Net Cash: $116.05
An improvement on the last few weeks.
Job Applications: 0

Net Calories : 1701 Calories
An Enterprising excess of Calories
Fitocracy Points: 0
Weight: 93 kg

Books read: 1 The Complete Yes, Prime Minister
Games played: 2 an online game of The Hanging Gardens and a session of DnD
Bones painted: 1 A treasure chest. I will probably come back to this one to do a wash to bring out the coins, and redo the metal bands in a brass rather than the current metally brown I got by mixing brown and silver.