Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Tragedy of Klothan the Traitorous, formerly Klothan Demonsbane

Klothan was born in one of the temple cities on the Plains of Lamora. The plagues took his family when he was quite young, as they did many others, and he was raised in one of the temples among the other orphans. As he grew his strength of arms was matched on by the strength of his faith. It was natural that he would become a champion of good, using his strength and faith to defend against the forces of evil.

Klothan fought in the first demonic incursion that occurred in the city of Sateda, hunted down several demon worshiping cults, in one case defeating the demon they had summoned in single combat.

In light of this, when the girl prophecised to be the next high priestess of Charol, the Goddess of Mercym was kidnapped by demon worshipers, Klothan was the one chosen to find and rescue her. Klothan tracked down the cultists, but by the time he entered their lair, the ritual had already begun. Though he wreaked havoc on the cultists, he could not defeat the demon they had summoned. After a duel that lasted hours and seeing no other way of accomplishing his mission, he made a deal with the demon, his life and soul for the girl's. The demon agreed and Klothan's life was ended.

Klothan expected that he would experience an eternity of physical and mental torture in one of the hells, but the demons were more creative in his torture than he could have expected. He was conscripted as a general into the demons' army, leading the forces he had once so fiercely fought against. Sateda was razed, the Plains of Lamora tormented, but the worst was to come a number of years later, when Klothan was ordered by the demons to assassinate the girl he had given his soul to save the night before she was to be elevated to the rank of High Priestess.

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