Monday, March 24, 2014

BTN 2.0 12/52

Net Cash: $249.90
Jobs Applied for: 0

Net Calories: -1422 Calories
Taking lunch to work seems to have helped with the diet as well as the cash flow
Weight: 94 kg
Fitocracy points: 496

Bike riding: 354 km
Books read: 0
Movies seen: 1
I saw 300: Rise of an Empire. Visually impressive, but even with my limited knowledge of history I found the claims they were fighting for freedom and democracy a bit over the top, when you consider Athenian democracy didn't quite match the ideals they were espousing (Athens was good for its day, but still treated women as non entities and slaves were a key part of the economy, and Sparta never had a navy to come riding to the rescue in).
Games played: 4 1 online game of Lords of Waterdeep and 3 games of Race for the Galaxy

Simplegoal Summary

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

BTN 2.0 11/52

I really don't know what to say about last week.

Net Cash: $239.30
Not sure what I did so well last week.
Jobs applied for: 0

Net Calories: 1608 Calories
Weight: 04 kg
Fitocracy points: 0
Bouts of incapacitating despair: 2
It was not a fun weekend

Bike riding: 388 km
Books read: 1
I've reread Harry Potter and the Methods or Rationality which I figure is long enough to count as a book.
Games played: 5. 4x Pairs, 1x The Speicherstadt. Both were new games.

Simplegoal Summary

10/3/14DAAS Club from my first year in uni
12/3/14grey long sleeved shirt bought in Korea
13/3/14I'm in PAIN Vice-Presidential shirt (foreshadowing)
14/3/142nd grey long sleeved shirt bought in Korea

I've now run out of tshirts that meet my standards of structural integrity, lack of stains, and desire to be seen in public wearing. Thus the tshirt posting will now end. I'm going to do some sort of cull of my collection, as I think the fact that I got to the middle of March without doubling up suggests I have more tshirts than I really need (by way of contrast, I have 2 pairs of jeans)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

BTN 2.0 10/52

A week with a major outlier.

Net Cash: -$1394.53
My old computer's decline reached the point of no return, so I forked out for a new computer. I got a Mac Mini and a decent sized flat screen monitor. And rather than max out my credit card doing so, I did something I never thought I'd do and got a GE creditline account and put the computer on an interest free loan (although there will still be some monthly charges). The reason I didn't think I'd ever do that is that I used to work for GE and saw some of the strife people got into with the things, and that I dislike easy credit. I also note that they've really loosened their lending criteria. When I was there to be approved for more than $2600 you needed to provide them with some proof of your residence (a bill or bank statement), and for more than $4300 you needed to show some payslips. I got approved for a limit of $7000 no questions asked. Once I receive the documentation I will be looking to get that limit reduced (when putting in the application I was worried I wouldn't get approved for the $1100 or so I needed for the computer I wanted, so I guess someone else thinks my financial situation is better than I do). Sensibly I didn't do what I saw so many people do while working there when they got approved which was to spend more than they planned to just because the option was there.

Jobs Applied for: 0

Net Calories: 392 Calories
Weight: 95 kg
Fitocracy points: 210

Bike riding: 402 km
Books read: 1
I finished Mirror of Her Dreams at last
Games played: 13 Magic: The Gathering x8, Hannibal, Dominion x2, Go First Dice, The Speicherstadt

Simplegoal Summary

3/3/14Perth Observatory shirt, gift from my aunt
4/3/14Hobbiton shirt, souvenir from Mum's New Zealand trip
5/3/14German Army shirt, bought to be part of a halloween costume
6/3/14Venezia, bought in Venice in 2003
7/3/14Dangerous Words and later Universitat Firenze
8/3/14Dracula shirt, bought in Romania during my Eurotrip
9/3/14Bungle Bungle shirt, possibly a gift from my aunt

Monday, March 03, 2014

BTN 2.0 9/52

A bit better week than normal all round.

Net Cash: $29.69
I was expecting this to be higher due to the amount of overtime I did last week, but then I went and paid for my flights for bordercon and there it went.
Jobs applied for: 2
I got motivated early in the week, unfortunately it didn't stick.

Net Calories: 314 Calories
Helped by the weekend where I ate less and did some serious exercise.
Weight: 94 kg
Fitocracy points: 1227
Fitocracy level: 18
It's been quite a while since I leveled up.

Bike riding: 431 km
Books read: 0
about a hundred pages of The Mirror of Her Dreams to go
Games played: 8. 1x Glory to Rome, 2x Civilization + expansions (I'm now on a 4 game winning streak of Civ) 5x Magic: The Gathering

Simplegoal Summary

24/2/14Socrates quote, bought in Athens
25/2/14Fremantle Prison Musuem, gift from my aunt
26/2/14Blue Sun, a must for Firefly fans
27/2/14Checkered shirt, feels very country to me
28/2/14Generic plain dark blue shirt
1/3/14Dragons and Flowers red Hawaiian shirt, bought while at uni
2/3/14High School senior year shirt, which still fits