Tuesday, March 11, 2014

BTN 2.0 10/52

A week with a major outlier.

Net Cash: -$1394.53
My old computer's decline reached the point of no return, so I forked out for a new computer. I got a Mac Mini and a decent sized flat screen monitor. And rather than max out my credit card doing so, I did something I never thought I'd do and got a GE creditline account and put the computer on an interest free loan (although there will still be some monthly charges). The reason I didn't think I'd ever do that is that I used to work for GE and saw some of the strife people got into with the things, and that I dislike easy credit. I also note that they've really loosened their lending criteria. When I was there to be approved for more than $2600 you needed to provide them with some proof of your residence (a bill or bank statement), and for more than $4300 you needed to show some payslips. I got approved for a limit of $7000 no questions asked. Once I receive the documentation I will be looking to get that limit reduced (when putting in the application I was worried I wouldn't get approved for the $1100 or so I needed for the computer I wanted, so I guess someone else thinks my financial situation is better than I do). Sensibly I didn't do what I saw so many people do while working there when they got approved which was to spend more than they planned to just because the option was there.

Jobs Applied for: 0

Net Calories: 392 Calories
Weight: 95 kg
Fitocracy points: 210

Bike riding: 402 km
Books read: 1
I finished Mirror of Her Dreams at last
Games played: 13 Magic: The Gathering x8, Hannibal, Dominion x2, Go First Dice, The Speicherstadt

Simplegoal Summary

3/3/14Perth Observatory shirt, gift from my aunt
4/3/14Hobbiton shirt, souvenir from Mum's New Zealand trip
5/3/14German Army shirt, bought to be part of a halloween costume
6/3/14Venezia, bought in Venice in 2003
7/3/14Dangerous Words and later Universitat Firenze
8/3/14Dracula shirt, bought in Romania during my Eurotrip
9/3/14Bungle Bungle shirt, possibly a gift from my aunt

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