Sunday, February 23, 2014

BTN 2.0 8/52

A lot of work this week means I didn't do all the other stuff I'm trying to do. At least the bank account will be happy.

Net Cash: $468.72
Overtime + monthly bonus - bike seat repair made for a pretty good result.
Jobs applied for: 0

Net Calories: 5344 Calories
Very bad. I shouldn't eat entire chocolate blocks as a snack
Weight: 95 kg
Fitocracy points: 373

Bike Riding: 332 km
Books read: 1
I finished The Mirror of Her Dreams, and am now onto A Man Rides Through
Games played: 4. Glory to Rome, Lords of Waterdeep, Hanabi (with the deluxe tiles), and Kardinal and Konig

Simplegoal Summary

17/2/14llama hats, souvenir from my grandmother
18/2/14Buffy the Vampire Slayer, bought while at uni
19/2/14I'm in PAIN, UQ physics club tshirt
20/2/14Tintin in Tibet, souvenir from my sister
21/2/14SPQR, bought in Rome during my eurotrip
22/2/14Plain grey shirt, uncertain providence
23/2/14New York City, souvenir from my sister

Sunday, February 16, 2014

BTN 2.0 7/52

An overall good week, but efforts in some areas meant others weren't done

Net Cash: $226.45
A bit of overtime last week, but once again work messed up my payslip. I only got paid for 3 out of 4 hours of overtime I did last Sunday because while I did 12 hours I'm only meant to be able to work up to 11 hours of work in a day so I couldn't have worked that last hour and didn't need to be paid for it. It should be in my pay for this week.
Jobs applied for: 0
This is one of the areas I didn't do anything in this week.

Calories: 3438 Calories over target
Weight: 94 kg
The previous two items are quite likely related
Fitocracy points: 1891
Strength training unfortunately doesn't burn much in the way of calories

Bike Riding: 497 km
Hit a nice round number with the odometer reading 90,000 km when I checked after getting home tonight. The odometer reading when I got the bike was 46,465 km so I've almost got the majority of the riding on it now. Give it another month or so and I'll be there.
Books read: 0
Mordant's need obviously isn't as engaging as I remember it being when I read it back in high school.
Games played: 14. 1x To Court the King, 2x 7 Wonders, 1x Shadow Hunters, 4x Magic: The Gathering, 4x Race for the Galaxy (two with the original expansions, 2 with the Alien Artifacts expansion), 2x The Manhattan Project
Movies watched: 1 Robocop
One of the really strong points of the original I felt was the reclaiming of Robocop's humanity, in that neither Murphy nor his friends or family knew that he was Robocop and this rediscovery was the core journey of the movie. In the new one everyone is aware it's Alex Murphy, including Murphy, which removes that whole emotional arc of the movie and just leaves you with working stiff gets screwed over by corporate scumbags, which isn't enough to hold a movie by itself.

Simplegoal Summary

10/2/14Optimus Prime bought during my first trip in Melbourne due to a cancelled flight
11/2/14Bright Orange Hawaiian shirt bought from Lowes during my uni days
12/2/14Mehmet the Conquerer, bought in Istanbul during my Eurotrip
13/2/14Fresh Jive, unknown providence
14/2/14Geek and Sundry, a cool youtube channel run by Felicia Day
15/2/14Science It Works, Bitches! number 2
16/2/14JPho 2002 from when I was a volunteer tutor for the Junior Physics Olympiad program at UQ

Monday, February 10, 2014

BTN 2.0 6/52

A less than good week.

Net Cash: -$433.72
$520 for new tyres and brakes on the bike were a big ticket item. I did some overtime during the week, so next week should be well into the black.
Jobs applied for: 0

Net Calories: 837 Calories
I thought it would be higher
Weight: 92 kg
Fitocracy points: 0

Bike riding: 601 km
regular commuting plus rides on both days off make for a hefty total
Books read: 0
Still working through Mirror of her Dreams
Games played: 14. 10x Magic: The Gathering, 3x Eminent Domain with expansion, 1x Lords of Waterdeep
Funerals attended: 1
A friend from university lost her battle with cancer early in the week

Simplegoal Summary

3/2/14Chile, souvenir from Mum's recent cruise
4/2/14My second PAXAUS enforcer shirt
5/2/14Mother of Dragons from Teefury
6/2/14Vitruvian Homer, bought in Pisa during my eurotrip
7/2/14Fiat Lux, bought in DC in 2002
8/2/14Maroon dress shirt, bought for work in Japan
9/2/14Man/Nature Yin/Yang, souvenir from Mum's first Canada trip

Sunday, February 02, 2014

BTN 2.0 5/52

Not too much detail this week

Net Cash: -$60.02
Splurged a little on a Magic: The Gathering pre release event, but had fun so worth it.
Jobs Applied For: 0

Weight: 93 kg
Net Calories: 606 Calories
A big cut in intake, helped by a few lean days.
Fitocracy points: 0

Bike Riding: 397 km
Books read: 0
Working my way through The Mirror of her Dreams
Games played: 12. 10 x Magic, 1x Small World, 1x Lords of Waterdeep

Simplegoal Summary

27/1/14Black Cat, bought in Paris during my Eurotrip
28/1/14Transformers logo
29/1/14Turkish Flag, a souvenir from my aunt's trip there
30/1/14Kalishnakov, bought in Moscow during my Eurotrip
31/1/14Lightning Bolt City, Xmas gift from my sister
1/2/14Moon Dragon, bought in Okinawa
2/2/14More Transformers