Sunday, January 26, 2014

BTN 2.0 4/52

A modest week.

Net Cash: $66.46
I'd like to say that work stuffing up my paycheck made a difference, but because they've not increased the rate I get for when I handle the outbound stuff in line with the base pay rate, the stuff up they made only cost me 60 cents. But since it's the third stuff up in 2 months, I hassled them to fix it up anyway.
Jobs applied for: 1
I'm managing to be a bit more consistent, which is good. Lets see if I can keep it up.

Net Calories: 3446 Calories
Weight: 94kg
Down a little. This peaked at over 97 when I gave blood on Thursday, but that was probably a short term thing based on the fact I'd drunk about 1.5L of water in the hours before hand.
Fitocracy points: 56

Bike riding: 371 km
Books read: 1 What Money Can't Buy
Games played: 0

Simplegoal Summary

Jan 20Space Pandas, Xmas gift from my sister
Jan 21The Day Planner from Teefury
Jan 22PaxAus Enforcer shirt
Jan 23 The Bugle, gift from my sister, (You should listen to The Bugle)
Jan 24Plain grey, unknown origin
Jan 25 Mr Deity, a cool web series
Jan 26 Vitruvian Man, bought in Florence

Sunday, January 19, 2014

BTN 2.0 3/52

This week was a bit off. A different schedule at work messed up some of the routines I'd been getting into. I'm back on stupid early starts next week so should do better.

Net Cash: $309.94
Monthly bonus and some frugal living.
Jobs applied for: 0
Still working on the application for the Senate job I mentioned last week. It closes on Wednesday. May I just say I hate selection criteria.

Weight: 95kg
Calories: 4145 Calories
These two together make sense. Too many big lunches.
Fitocracy points: 10
It was too dark when I got home for the after work dog walks.

Bike riding: 372km
Books read: I finished Raising Steam, Terry Pratchett's most recently novel. While reading it I realised just how much Pratchett's style and the types of stories he tells has changed over the years.  I also finished The Algebraist by Iain M Banks, which I interrupted to read Raising Steam. I'm now reading What Money Can't Buy.
Games played: 4. 2x Lords of Waterdeep online, and 2x Civilization with the latest expansion Warfare and Wisdom. I won both games of Civ, which was my first victories in 7 plays (I thought I'd played it more than that. Maybe it seems like more because it takes so long). Both games were very close, with multiple people capable of meeting their victory condition in the final turn and turn order and game phase order worked in my favor.

Simplegoal Summary

Jan 13Plain Green, bought after an motorbike accident so I had something to wear home
Jan 14Dark Grey, left behind by the previous tenant of my flat in South Korea
Jan 15Captain Hammer
Jan 16 Spicks and Specks Finale Tour, bought at a live show in Brisbane
Jan 17Free Sushi, a christmas present from my sister in 2012
Jan 18 11th of Hearts from Teefury
Jan 19 Stayed at home in my pajamas all day so no shirt

Sunday, January 12, 2014

BTN 2.0 2/52

A better week in most regards this week.

Net Wealth: $125.98
A boost from getting paid money owed from last weeks pay was partly cancelled by splurging on a few items
Jobs applied for: 1
Graduate Data Scientist for a company that specializes in property valuation. I'm currently working on applying for a Research Officer position for the Australian Senate which looks quite interesting. I'll aim to complete the application by the end of next week as applications close on the 22nd.

Weight: 92 kg
Net Calories: 3609 Calories
I ate more than last week and still lost weight. Not quite sure how that works
Fitocracy points: 239
still just walking the dog and one longer walk to the local shops

Bike riding: 430 km
Books read: 0
I got part way through the Algebraist and then I bought the new Terry Pratchett novel Raising Steam and am churning through that.
Games played: 2 Age of Industry on the USSR map and one online game of Lords of Waterdeep (a very tight game. 4th place (myself) was only 5 points behind the person who won).
Bones painting: Not enough worth photographing.

Simplegoal summary

Jan 6SG1
Jan 7Banff Wars a souvenir from my mother
Jan 8Inspector Spacetime my first Teefury shirt
Jan 9Star Wars photobooth a gift from my sister
Jan 10Optimus Prime playing with himself from Teefury
Jan 11headphones a gift from my aunt
Jan 12Kansai Osaka bought back in Australia, not while I lived there

Sunday, January 05, 2014

BTN 2.0 1/52

With the new year I have decided I'm going to keep doing my weekly write ups, and will endeavour to eliminate some of the slackness that had crept in over the later months of 2013. One new tool I'll be using for this is which is a tool that lets you set up a questionnaire for each day for you to keep track of what you've done each day. I've set up between 7 and 10 things each day that I'll be trying to do (mostly easy things like keeping track of what I spend, spend some time reading, apply for a job, etc).

Anyway, let's see how the year started

Net Wealth: -$62.87
This wasn't helped by the fact that work didn't pay me penalty rates for working Boxing day (with that I'd have been in the black for the week). This is the second mistake they've made with my pay in December, and while the extra money should be in next weeks pay, I will be keeping a close eye on my payslips going forward.
Jobs Applied for: 1
A Graduate Property Finance position. One advantage of Kaplan not awarding me my Postgrad Diploma until almost a year after actually completing the study is that I can legitimately say that I received my qualification in the last 12 months.

Weight: 94 kg
Net Calories: 3539
This is especially bad since I didn't keep track for Monday or Tuesday. I guess that's why I'm back up at 94kg.
Fitocracy points: 505
I've taken the dog I'm dogsitting for a few walks in a nearby park.

Bike riding: 404 km
Books Read: 1 Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett. I've now started on a reread of The Algebraist by Iain M Banks.
Games played: 5 2x Dungeon Roll and 3x Dominion of various mixes of expansions.
Bones painting: I'm doing fine detail work on two figures (the archer and the bard), and have started on a new fighter type figure

Simplegoal summary

Since one of the cornerstones of the internet is doing something mundane a lot and chronicling it, my new project for the first part of the year is that I've decided I'm not going to rewear any of my tshirts until I run out, and take a picture of the shirt and put it up on twitter (#todaystshirt) I figure I should have at least two months worth of shirts. I'll include a rundown here as well
Jan 1: Tardis Shirt a Christmas present from my Aunt
Jan 2: I Believe in Sherlock Holmes bought in Melbourne after PAXAus last year
Jan 3: Daenerys, Queen of Hearts bought at PAXAus
Jan 4: A plain grey tshirt
Jan 5: Science! It Works, Bitches from XKCD

Thursday, January 02, 2014

By The Numbers Year End 2013

Well 2014 is here so I guess I should have a look and see how I went for the year.

Net cash: $1531.46
Not a huge amount to show for one year. And this mostly represents debt reduction, not actual saving.
Jobs applied for: 32
Only two interviews, both for the same job and both times the company decided not to appoint anyone. This needs to be improved upon in 2014

Weight lost: 12 kg
Fitocracy points earned: 28635
Fitocracy levels gained: 12
I stopped exercising as regularly when my treadmill broke down and then shortly after had to spend some time on crutches. I plan to increase my activity levels again. It was around this time I also stopped being as thorough keeping track of what I was eating.

Bike riding: 13910 km
Mostly commuting, but it adds up
Books read: 29
Drift By Rachael Maddow was one of the most interesting I read. The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver had a lot of hype about it but lacked the substance. Y the Last Man was a good series.

Games Played: 800 plays of 89 distinct games. This is based on figures from Friendless' stats site and compensating for some double counting of expansions that are also stand alone games. The big game of the year is Ascension, racking up 470 plays. almost of all of which is played online through the iphone app. Second is Penny Arcade: The Game with 57 plays (also an iphone game). In the real world, top honours went to Magic: The Gathering with 49 plays, and then Hanabi with 23 plays (which is also coincidentally my best score in Hanabi). Third is Through the Ages, which got a large boost this year through online play. Dominion I suspect has been undercounted, as only 12 plays seems very low. Interesting new games I played this year include the aforementioned Hanabi, Twilight Struggle (a game based on the Cold War), King of Tokyo, Merchants of Venus, Vanautu, and Love Letters which I played at Bordercon, and several variants of The Resistance.

Looking back I'm most happy with how I've done health wise. I lost 12 kg and despite slacking off in the latter part of the year haven't put it back on. I'm less happy with how my finances have gone, which mainly come down to lack of success in finding a new job. I've looked for ways to apply what's worked in terms of getting me to be more healthy into getting me to be more active in job hunting. I'll keep the tracking going again for 2014 as I think I'm the better for it.