Sunday, January 19, 2014

BTN 2.0 3/52

This week was a bit off. A different schedule at work messed up some of the routines I'd been getting into. I'm back on stupid early starts next week so should do better.

Net Cash: $309.94
Monthly bonus and some frugal living.
Jobs applied for: 0
Still working on the application for the Senate job I mentioned last week. It closes on Wednesday. May I just say I hate selection criteria.

Weight: 95kg
Calories: 4145 Calories
These two together make sense. Too many big lunches.
Fitocracy points: 10
It was too dark when I got home for the after work dog walks.

Bike riding: 372km
Books read: I finished Raising Steam, Terry Pratchett's most recently novel. While reading it I realised just how much Pratchett's style and the types of stories he tells has changed over the years.  I also finished The Algebraist by Iain M Banks, which I interrupted to read Raising Steam. I'm now reading What Money Can't Buy.
Games played: 4. 2x Lords of Waterdeep online, and 2x Civilization with the latest expansion Warfare and Wisdom. I won both games of Civ, which was my first victories in 7 plays (I thought I'd played it more than that. Maybe it seems like more because it takes so long). Both games were very close, with multiple people capable of meeting their victory condition in the final turn and turn order and game phase order worked in my favor.

Simplegoal Summary

Jan 13Plain Green, bought after an motorbike accident so I had something to wear home
Jan 14Dark Grey, left behind by the previous tenant of my flat in South Korea
Jan 15Captain Hammer
Jan 16 Spicks and Specks Finale Tour, bought at a live show in Brisbane
Jan 17Free Sushi, a christmas present from my sister in 2012
Jan 18 11th of Hearts from Teefury
Jan 19 Stayed at home in my pajamas all day so no shirt

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