Sunday, January 05, 2014

BTN 2.0 1/52

With the new year I have decided I'm going to keep doing my weekly write ups, and will endeavour to eliminate some of the slackness that had crept in over the later months of 2013. One new tool I'll be using for this is which is a tool that lets you set up a questionnaire for each day for you to keep track of what you've done each day. I've set up between 7 and 10 things each day that I'll be trying to do (mostly easy things like keeping track of what I spend, spend some time reading, apply for a job, etc).

Anyway, let's see how the year started

Net Wealth: -$62.87
This wasn't helped by the fact that work didn't pay me penalty rates for working Boxing day (with that I'd have been in the black for the week). This is the second mistake they've made with my pay in December, and while the extra money should be in next weeks pay, I will be keeping a close eye on my payslips going forward.
Jobs Applied for: 1
A Graduate Property Finance position. One advantage of Kaplan not awarding me my Postgrad Diploma until almost a year after actually completing the study is that I can legitimately say that I received my qualification in the last 12 months.

Weight: 94 kg
Net Calories: 3539
This is especially bad since I didn't keep track for Monday or Tuesday. I guess that's why I'm back up at 94kg.
Fitocracy points: 505
I've taken the dog I'm dogsitting for a few walks in a nearby park.

Bike riding: 404 km
Books Read: 1 Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett. I've now started on a reread of The Algebraist by Iain M Banks.
Games played: 5 2x Dungeon Roll and 3x Dominion of various mixes of expansions.
Bones painting: I'm doing fine detail work on two figures (the archer and the bard), and have started on a new fighter type figure

Simplegoal summary

Since one of the cornerstones of the internet is doing something mundane a lot and chronicling it, my new project for the first part of the year is that I've decided I'm not going to rewear any of my tshirts until I run out, and take a picture of the shirt and put it up on twitter (#todaystshirt) I figure I should have at least two months worth of shirts. I'll include a rundown here as well
Jan 1: Tardis Shirt a Christmas present from my Aunt
Jan 2: I Believe in Sherlock Holmes bought in Melbourne after PAXAus last year
Jan 3: Daenerys, Queen of Hearts bought at PAXAus
Jan 4: A plain grey tshirt
Jan 5: Science! It Works, Bitches from XKCD

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