Sunday, January 26, 2014

BTN 2.0 4/52

A modest week.

Net Cash: $66.46
I'd like to say that work stuffing up my paycheck made a difference, but because they've not increased the rate I get for when I handle the outbound stuff in line with the base pay rate, the stuff up they made only cost me 60 cents. But since it's the third stuff up in 2 months, I hassled them to fix it up anyway.
Jobs applied for: 1
I'm managing to be a bit more consistent, which is good. Lets see if I can keep it up.

Net Calories: 3446 Calories
Weight: 94kg
Down a little. This peaked at over 97 when I gave blood on Thursday, but that was probably a short term thing based on the fact I'd drunk about 1.5L of water in the hours before hand.
Fitocracy points: 56

Bike riding: 371 km
Books read: 1 What Money Can't Buy
Games played: 0

Simplegoal Summary

Jan 20Space Pandas, Xmas gift from my sister
Jan 21The Day Planner from Teefury
Jan 22PaxAus Enforcer shirt
Jan 23 The Bugle, gift from my sister, (You should listen to The Bugle)
Jan 24Plain grey, unknown origin
Jan 25 Mr Deity, a cool web series
Jan 26 Vitruvian Man, bought in Florence

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