Thursday, January 02, 2014

By The Numbers Year End 2013

Well 2014 is here so I guess I should have a look and see how I went for the year.

Net cash: $1531.46
Not a huge amount to show for one year. And this mostly represents debt reduction, not actual saving.
Jobs applied for: 32
Only two interviews, both for the same job and both times the company decided not to appoint anyone. This needs to be improved upon in 2014

Weight lost: 12 kg
Fitocracy points earned: 28635
Fitocracy levels gained: 12
I stopped exercising as regularly when my treadmill broke down and then shortly after had to spend some time on crutches. I plan to increase my activity levels again. It was around this time I also stopped being as thorough keeping track of what I was eating.

Bike riding: 13910 km
Mostly commuting, but it adds up
Books read: 29
Drift By Rachael Maddow was one of the most interesting I read. The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver had a lot of hype about it but lacked the substance. Y the Last Man was a good series.

Games Played: 800 plays of 89 distinct games. This is based on figures from Friendless' stats site and compensating for some double counting of expansions that are also stand alone games. The big game of the year is Ascension, racking up 470 plays. almost of all of which is played online through the iphone app. Second is Penny Arcade: The Game with 57 plays (also an iphone game). In the real world, top honours went to Magic: The Gathering with 49 plays, and then Hanabi with 23 plays (which is also coincidentally my best score in Hanabi). Third is Through the Ages, which got a large boost this year through online play. Dominion I suspect has been undercounted, as only 12 plays seems very low. Interesting new games I played this year include the aforementioned Hanabi, Twilight Struggle (a game based on the Cold War), King of Tokyo, Merchants of Venus, Vanautu, and Love Letters which I played at Bordercon, and several variants of The Resistance.

Looking back I'm most happy with how I've done health wise. I lost 12 kg and despite slacking off in the latter part of the year haven't put it back on. I'm less happy with how my finances have gone, which mainly come down to lack of success in finding a new job. I've looked for ways to apply what's worked in terms of getting me to be more healthy into getting me to be more active in job hunting. I'll keep the tracking going again for 2014 as I think I'm the better for it.

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