Sunday, January 12, 2014

BTN 2.0 2/52

A better week in most regards this week.

Net Wealth: $125.98
A boost from getting paid money owed from last weeks pay was partly cancelled by splurging on a few items
Jobs applied for: 1
Graduate Data Scientist for a company that specializes in property valuation. I'm currently working on applying for a Research Officer position for the Australian Senate which looks quite interesting. I'll aim to complete the application by the end of next week as applications close on the 22nd.

Weight: 92 kg
Net Calories: 3609 Calories
I ate more than last week and still lost weight. Not quite sure how that works
Fitocracy points: 239
still just walking the dog and one longer walk to the local shops

Bike riding: 430 km
Books read: 0
I got part way through the Algebraist and then I bought the new Terry Pratchett novel Raising Steam and am churning through that.
Games played: 2 Age of Industry on the USSR map and one online game of Lords of Waterdeep (a very tight game. 4th place (myself) was only 5 points behind the person who won).
Bones painting: Not enough worth photographing.

Simplegoal summary

Jan 6SG1
Jan 7Banff Wars a souvenir from my mother
Jan 8Inspector Spacetime my first Teefury shirt
Jan 9Star Wars photobooth a gift from my sister
Jan 10Optimus Prime playing with himself from Teefury
Jan 11headphones a gift from my aunt
Jan 12Kansai Osaka bought back in Australia, not while I lived there

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