Sunday, October 20, 2013

By The Numbers 42/52

A better week in pretty much every way. I can walk again.

Net Cash: $332.42
About half the surplus is from my monthly bonus, the other is from the fact I bought a lot of groceries late last week and didn't need to buy any this week.
Jobs applied for: 0

Net Calories: -1732 Calories
Yay, under my target
Weight: 92 kg
Fitocracy points: 200
Fitocracy level: 17

Books read: 1
I finished Against a Dark Background
Games played: 8. Glen More, Roll Through the Ages, and 6 games of Magic: The Gathering
Bike riding: 162km
Since I can walk, I can ride again as well.
Bones painted: 1/3
I'm still working on my elven ranger. No pics as until it's done.

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