Monday, October 07, 2013

By The Numbers 40/52

No comment this week.

Net Cash: -$72.36
Jobs Applied for: 0
Jobs applied for at my current work two months ago that they finally decided they can't actually appoint anyone to for business reasons after advertising and interviewing people for the role for the second time in 5 months: 1

Net Calories: 1680 Calories
Not much by exercise and a lack of sleep has led to extra snacking (a sugar rush is a short term solution but I can't just spend 45 minutes on a treadmill at home to work it off anymore)
Weight: 92 kg
Go figure
Fitocracy points: 0
Crutches still in use: 2
Another check up at the hospital this week. They said I can put some more weight on my right leg (about half my weight) and I got new rubber caps for the bottom of the crutches which were rather worn out (I think I do a fair bit more walking than the average person on crutches).

Books read: 0
I'm in the middle of reading Against a Dark Background.
Games Played: 2 Hacienda and To Court the King, both online
Bones Painted: 2/3
I decided to move up from furniture and paint an actual figure. I chose this guy because I don't have any flesh tone paints yet and since his head is a skull it avoids the whole issue of flesh tones, and I'd liked how the skulls on the previous two pieces turned out. I still have a bit of detail work and tidying up to do, but I think it's coming along well. I'm also really impressed at the quality of the pictures my phone takes.

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