Monday, June 20, 2016

Party Games 11/55 Australian Liberty Alliance

The Australian Liberty Alliance is focused on one thing. Stopping the Islamisation of Australia. This seems at odds of their claim to be about liberty. One of the points in their plan to stop the Islamisation of Australia is to make religions submit to a required doctrine of accepting Australian law as supreme over religious beliefs. This would cover all religions if they wanted to keep tax exempt status, not just Islam. The government imposing religious doctrine does not exactly match my idea of liberty, and I'm an atheist who isn't keen on religion. I'm not sure how some of the more religiously fervent members of the public would like this. Other parts of the plan include prohibiting anyone from muslim countries for 10 years. They're also kind of freaked out about Islamic finance.

In other areas they appear a standard right wing party proposing smaller government, more defense spending, in denial about climate change, opposed to gay marriage, making it tougher to be on unemployment benefits, cutting back the services provided by the ABC & SBS, and so on.

The one positive policy they have is making sure everyone has a certain minimal level of internet access, as at this point in time I feel internet access is at the point of being a utility like electricity, not a luxury.

In summary, the Australian Liberty Alliance is another edition to Australia's collection of right-wing parties.

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