Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Party Games 39/55 Pirate Party Australia

Ahoy me hearties, now we come to the Pirate Party Australia. Inspired by the Pirate Party in Sweden, they have a strong civil liberties and individual rights platform without the economic ruthlessness that other libertarian parties tend to have (I'm looking at you LDP).

As their origin suggests, the Pirate Party has a strong interest in the internet, and a strong set of policies. They support net neutrality, fibre to the premises for the NBN, and oppose data retention without a warrant and online censorship (well censorship in general, actually). They also take a strong stance on intellectual property, feeling that the current system has swung too far in favour of IP holders to the detriment of society.

In the realm of economics they support a basic income, and introducing a land tax (you can't offshore the land to avoid the tax). They encourage digital currencies such as bitcoin, but I'm yet to be fully sold on the bitcoin model.

They are also one of the few minor parties with a defense policy that haven't picked the magic number of 2% of GDP for defense spending. Their plan is for a more defense oriented armed forces, focussing on submarines and aircraft to hold off enemies, with the army defending the homeland to make life even harder for anyone made it to our shores.

Overall, I see a lot that I like with a lot fewer "yes, but what abouts" that I normally get.

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