Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Party Games 42/55 Secular Party of Australia

The Secular Party of Australia stand on a platform of making government more secular, by removing religion from government, and government from religion. The religious will say that this is a war on religion, but the Secular Party would say that this is simply asking the question "Why does religion get automatic entry into so much stuff that doesn't really have anything to do with them?"

Some of the changes they suggest are minor. Removing prayer at the start of parliamentary sessions, making oaths in court not refer to a god, repealing remaining blasphemy laws and so on. Next are the plans that will get a lot of pushback. These include cutting government funding for religious schools and removing "promoting a religion" as a purpose qualifying for tax exempt status. Then there are a few big ones, such as supporting a republic because not just is QEII a foreigner, she's the head of a religion (one of her many titles is Defender of the Faith).

Overall I find I support most of their positions, but I feel that their position on food labelling could be tweaked a little so it doesn't resemble that taken by parties rather more biased in which religions they don't want influencing the Australian government.

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