Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Party Games 2/55 21st Century Australia Party

This is going to be a short entry. While the 21st Century Australia Party is a current registered party, they appear to have no candidates this election and their last media release was about their plans to take part in the 2013 WA senate re-election after they couldn't get their act together to get registered in time to have candidates in the main 2013 election. Also, all of their policy pages haven't been updated since the 2013 election.

That means I'm not going into too much depth as to their notion to eliminate the states (given Australia's reluctance to pass measures at referendum their timeline is horrendously optimistic), or their plan to take the budget power away from parliament and establish an independent board similar to the Reserve Bank to do the budget instead, or the fact that the entire party seems to be a vanity project for the founder (although he didn't name it after himself like Clive Palmer did). Nor will I detail why I dislike their plan for online direct democracy for major issues and leaving elected parliamentarians to deal with only minor issues, or their constant comparison of running a government to running a business, or how out of date their remarks about the carbon tax are.

Perhaps it might have been easier to have gone back and renumbered earlier posts to be a 54 part series, but I've already read through their website and don't want that effort to go entirely to waste.

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