Sunday, June 19, 2016

Party Games 9/55 Australian Defense Veterans Party

The Australian Defense Veterans Party initially looked like it was going to be another single topic party, but they have put together a pretty broad range of policies. They also have broadened their definition of veteran, including not just former military members but also including emergency services such as the police, ambulance and fire brigade. In the field of veterans affairs, the party is for providing a lot more benefits and support for veterans, as well as better pay and conditions for people currently in the military and emergency services.

Their energy policies are pretty good overall. It's a bad sign of the times that I get excited by a party that says they accept the scientific consensus that climate change is a real thing, but that's the state of affairs. I disagree with them on nuclear power, but that was about it.

One area I'm concerned about is their rather strong support for the security aparatus and very strict stance on national security. Given the strengthening of powers and reduction in oversight granted to such agencies over the last decade and a bit, as well as revelations about the extent of programs from whistleblowers, I'm not comfortable with letting them go full steam ahead however they want.

Overall, a better set of policies than I expected, and my first pleasant surprise of the process so far.

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