Monday, June 20, 2016

Party Games 12/55 Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party

In looking at the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party I need to start with a mea culpa. When I first heard they had gotten a senator elected and learned who he was, I was quick to write off Ricky Muir. I saw the kangaroo poo flinging videos that emerged and worried what sort of bogan had been elected. But Ricky Muir went into the job with a seriousness that I had not expected and has done a great job for his state and Australia, and I hope he gets reelected. The party is certainly betting on him by using his likeness in their logo.

The party itself has stuck to pretty much the same set of policies, advocating for better roads, better driver education, and support for the motoring industry. There's not much more new from last time around.

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