Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Party Games 3/55 Animal Justice Party

The Animal Justice Party doesn't seem to have changed much since last election. They still want to eliminate any human use of animals, including transitioning everyone to a plant based diet (they don't seem brave enough to say vegetarian). They still only have animal related policies, some of which I do agree with such as eliminating greyhound racing (given the revelations of mistreatment of animals within the greyhound racing industry it's an easier sell this time around), but others such as opposition to all animal experimentation, and an insistence that omnivorous animals don't need to eat at least some other animals to meet all their nutritional needs don't get my support. Their lack of policies in other areas and their continuing to remind me of PETA in their animal first rhetoric means I don't see much for me from the Animal Justice Party.

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