Monday, May 16, 2022

Party Games 8/38 Centre Alliance

As Nick Xenephon had a temporary retirement from federal politics, the Nick Xenephon Team has changed their name to Centre Alliance. They immediately score brownie points for using the "re" spelling of centre - I don't care if the spell check underlines centre with a red squiggly line, it's the correct way to spell it. 

Looking at their current policies and what I wrote last time I did this, there doesn't seem to be any major changes to their policies. They're still strongly opposed to gambling, want an ICAC, want to make sure penalty rates aren't cut, and increasing foreign aid. Their climate change policy feels a bit lacklustre but doesn't deny climate change so better than some. 

Given I now work at a water utility, I'm a bit more interested in their water policies. I'm not sure about their suggestion to harvest storm water instead of desalination, as if we've got enough storm water to harvest to top up dams, the dams which are filled by rain would already be filled, whereas desalination plants can operate independent of rain. However I can get behind proposals to make sure out water resources are used more efficiently.

Nick Xenephon is returning to federal politics, and I think he was generally a positive factor in the senate, so I guess we'll see how he goes without the party sharing his name. I'm also a little unsure of the status of the party as Nick & Stirling Griff appear on the SA Senate ballot under an unnammed group rather than the Centre Alliance name, and the last press release on the party website was from last year. However as my criteria for being included in my reviews is being registered as a party with the AEC, I'll keep the write up.

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