Monday, May 16, 2022

Party Games 7/38 Australian Values Party

I'll be honest I tend to be a bit skeptical when someone brings up "Australian Values" because all too often what is meant by "Australian Values" ends up being lets go back to how things were at least 40 years ago, if not more. It's an invocation of a golden age that never really existed, and in as much as it did, it was a pretty shitty time for a large part of the community. Ultimately this is another unfortunate import from the US brought to us by a reactionary right wing.

So I was a bit wary going in to have a look at the policies of the Australian Values Party, but did come away with a more positive view of the party than I did going in. One policy I particularly like is requiring professional development for members of parliament. Especially for first time parliamentarians, there's a lot to know about how parliament works, and while there are some information sessions for new members, setting up an ongoing program makes sense. I could also see it as a way to prepare members for becoming ministers down the road, as well as giving all members some grounding in important areas such as health, economics, statistics, etc. I'm less certain about their requirement that all their candidates have management/leadership training, as I feel that would cut down on the diversity of backgrounds candidates will have. 

This is particularly with their candidates, of whom 7 out of 10 are former members of the military. This in and of itself for a candidate isn't a bad thing, but when 70% of your candidates are from a group that make up only about 1 in 50 Australians, your focus may become narrowed. Which shows in their defense policies. They're for better support for veterans, which I can agree with, but they're also for restricting how the media can report on the military, which I'm definitely not a fan of. 

In terms of my preferences I think they will end up between the two major parties.

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