Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Party Games 2/38 Australian Christians

It's with a certain irony I note that the Core Values page of the Australian Christians, which includes Honesty & Integrity among those values, starts with a fake quote. I may be being a bit more snarky about this than I might be for other parties, but the Australian Christians are always going to find me a tough sell. This unbeliever doesn't take as a given that the bible is the inerrant word of God and that it should be the basis for the laws of our nation, and the Australian Christians don't seem to have considered that the 48% of Australians might need something more than "because God said so" as a reason for a policy.

Their policy list is a common mix of vocal Christian priorities, including strict restrictions on abortions, the right to discriminate against the LGBTQ community, even more government funding for private schools, a denial of climate change, an opt-out rather than opt-in widescale internet filtering, that marriage should only be one man and one woman. They also have a common mix of right wing economic policies such as removing the minimum wage, and railing against red tape.    

They also make the odd claim that freedom of religion is a Christian value, which seems very much at odds with the history of forced conversions of indigenous peoples around the world, as well as overlooks that they want to enshrine Christian beliefs into law, which is very much not in line with the principle of freedom of religion. 

Looking at what I wrote last time reminded me of some things I did like among their policies, such as supporting the NDIS, but support for public transport seems to have gone and been replaced by support for more bike lanes and facilities.

Overall, while Australian Christians priorities are 1) Further the revelation of the glory and righteousness of God and then 2) Promote the true welfare of the Australian people, in that order, I can't support them.

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