Saturday, May 07, 2022

Party Games 3/38 Australian Citizen's Party

The Australian Citizen's Party, formerly the Citizen's Electoral Council, have changed their name but not much else. While they do seem to have updated some of the pages on their website since the last time I did this in 2016, pages not directly related to the current election still only appear to refer to events up to 2018.

Policy wise they still advocate setting up a nationalised bank that funds infrastructure. I am confused by the way they suggest that this bank will offer cheaper funding to governments and industry, but that super funds and private investors will invest in it by buying bonds. If my super fund invested my money in something that is deliberately undercutting banks and aiming to make minimal returns, I'm going to be asking why I should stick with that super fund. If they want to subsidise loans to industry, just say so. Similarly they plan to scrap the GST and replace it with a 0.1% tax on stock transactions. Sounds nice in principle, but GST revenue is about $80 billion a year and using data on the value of stock transactions in Australia a 0.1% tax would only bring in about $4 billion a year, which does leave $76 billion shortfall. They also want a return to the Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate system, which was reliant on an economically dominant USA, which seems counter to the party's anti-US&UK/pro-China foreign policy position.

On the Arts they seem to be complaining about violent video games, banal pop music, and mass produced movies, which comes across as sounding like a grumpy old man not liking what the kids like. 

They don't accept the reality of climate change, which is a deal breaker, and their environmental policy is just more economic development will help the environment, but without any details on how this might actually occur. 

Overall, they have a few ideas I like the goal of but the few details of seem either counterproductive or insufficient to achieving them, but more areas where I don't agree with what they want to achieve.  

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