Friday, May 20, 2022

Party Games 32/38 Victorian Socialists

Well, since the last socialist party wasn't the horror extreme left wing I keep hearing about, maybe the Victorian Socialists will show us what real horror is. Except no, they don't, the extreme left wing is just a beat up. 

The Victorian Socialists support a lot of good things, like a stronger social safety net, better treatment of refugees, taking serious action on climate change, decriminalising drugs. There are only really two areas I can't get fully behind. One is just disbanding a lot of our national security infrastructure (while it should have better oversight, I don't think we can just give up on doing it), and the other is their proposal for some massive once off wealth taxes. On the wealth taxes, I think a smaller wealth tax charged annually would be better than a large tax once off.

If they were running candidates outside of Victoria, they'd probably be ahead of both majors for me.

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