Friday, May 20, 2022

Party Games 34-38/38 The Majors

I'll admit, I didn't budget my time well, so won't do as big a spiel on the majors as I should compared with the attention I've given the minor parties, but if you haven't seen at least something of the remaining parties I'm not sure this would make a difference. I'm also stretching the definition of major to include the Greens, but again, it's the night before the election.

As you could probably guess if you've read the other party write ups, you wouldn't be surprised that I'm not a fan of the Coalition (the Liberals, the Nationals, the LNP, and the Country Liberal Party). If this list isn't enough to make you unsatisfied with them I'm not sure what would. 

The ALP after the Rudd-Gillard years seems to have decided that the way to gain votes is to become more like the Coalition, but this just encourages the Coalition to become even more bold in moving the country to the right. In fairness to them, the Murdoch dominated press hold the ALP to a much higher standard than the do the Coalition, and some of the headlines this election have read more like ads than reporting. They're not great, but I trust them with running the country, especially with some minor parties acting as a Jiminy Cricket pulling them in the right direction.

Last on this list is the Greens. They've grown from just caring about environmental issues to having a broad range of policies that I can get behind. I don't agree with their opposition to nuclear power, but that's about it.

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