Friday, May 20, 2022

28/38 TNL

While not as fun as BNL, TNL (originally The New Liberals, but no longer able to use that name under new party registration rules) is so reasonable sounding in their policies, I'm curious why they wanted to create the association with the Liberals by choosing that name. The only thing I can think of is they were wanting to follow in David Leyonhjelm who got a substantial boost in the election when the Liberal Democratic Party appeared ahead of the Liberal Party on the senate ballot paper.

Because they don't really seem to share any common ground with the Liberals. The closest they come is their job guarantee scheme, which seems reminiscent of work for the dole, even if it's optional and much better paying. TNL is for quick action on climate change, they want an ICAC, they want better funding of the ABC, and improving social safety nets including welfare payments. 

I think I'll ignore the name and put them closer to the top than the bottom of the list.

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