Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Party Games 14/38 The Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia

The Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia is not a single policy but is a single focus party. They stand for better recognition and treatment of indigenous Australians. This includes constitutional recognition, stronger protection of sacred sites, more self management of indigenous communities in areas such as education and land use, and so forth. 

An area where I'm not sure I think there solution appropriately solves a legitimate issue is indigenous incarceration. They're proposal is for only the most serious adult offenders to be able to be incarcerated, with less serious offenders and juveniles to stay in the community. My preference would be for better oversight of police and the courts to eliminate the present bias causing such disproportionate numbers of indigenous Australians to end up incarcerated. But maybe I'm not in the best place to tell those affected that it's worth the time such a long term solution would take when they're facing the brunt of injustice now.

There's no obviously bad positions listed, so I think this is another party that will end up between the two major parties for me.

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