Monday, May 16, 2022

Party Games 9/38 David Pocock

David Pocock is a one man party running for one of the ACT's two senate seats. Given the ACT only has two senate seats, the maths mean getting elected over the two major parties is really tough. 

David looks to have a reasonable mix of policies, plus an openness to community consultation that stands out. He says if elected he'll hold quarterly town halls, as well as providing a record of all his votes in parliament. His proposal to run a community volunteer program for community members to work in his office, which while a novel way to get the community more involved in the operations of government, I'd like to see this include the volunteers being paid, especially given parliamentarians get a budget for the running of their offices.

He looks to have a reasonable stance on climate change, wants to improve health care in a sensible way, and while I couldn't find anything I disagree with too much, being a one man party there's a fair few areas he doesn't have a policy yet.

As he's only running as a single candidate in the ACT, I won't get to vote for him, but I think he'd probably end up between the two major parties.

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