Sunday, May 15, 2022

Party Games 6/38 Australian Progressives

The Australian Progressives are pretty much what the name suggests. Their policies are pretty much a checklist of progressive ideals. There's support for a stronger social safety net, setting up an ICAC, better funding of health care and the CSIRO, taking action on climate change, as well as enhancing the NBN. Their tax policies seem alright overall, although I find setting a maximum income tax rate of 50% to be a bit out place.

 They've also set themselves a pretty strict code of ethics, which I think would prevent a member from accepting large quantities of cash from a blind trust to cover one's legal expenses and not declaring it. Although to be fair, the current ministerial standards seem to be rather toothless, so anything is going to come out looking good.

If anything, the only real fault I can find is being a bit too generically nice, I almost starting think of them like the Federation from Star Trek, although not everyone has Clive Palmer money to use to put their party name on every building they can find. They'll be ahead of both of the majors, but might slip below some similar parties with a bit more character.

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