Sunday, May 08, 2022

Party Games 5/38 Australian Federation Party

The Australian Federation Party, previously the Australian Country Party, and before that the Country Alliance, has made the transformation from a protectivist Nationals wannabe party, to a "Freedom" wannabe party where they are mainly concerned with the freedoms to pretend gay people don't exist, that people who aren't Christians exist, that there are numerous cures for COVID made by big pharma that we denied to people because big pharma didn't pay the TGA, and so on.

There proposal to rework the three levels of government has some good ideas, such as making health care a just federal rather than federal & state responsibility, I don't get the point of keeping local government while taking away all responsibilities and duties from them.

They want to improve the NDIS, which is good, but that's about all I found to like.

I think the Australian Federation Party is a cross between the Nationals and the Australian Christian Party who are trying to look like they're neither.

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