Thursday, May 19, 2022

Party Games 15/38 Informed Medical Options Party

The Informed Medical Options Party is three of those four things. They may be a party about medical options, but reading what they have to say I can't say that they count as informed. 

Their main goal is the removal of any and all vaccine requirements, and in support of that they cherry pick data and only listen to people who tell them what they want to hear. They complain that government bodies that assess medicines and vaccines are staffed by people who have done research in the field which according to them makes them biased rather than experts.

There's some additional medical tom-foolery such as promoting alternative medicine and including it on the PBS, GMO paranoia, stopping water fluoridation (a common enough issue that there was a panel on it at OzWater 22), and supporting organic foods, and allowing parents to refuse care for their children with cancer.

The only thing on their platform I can get behind is increasing parental leave. But even this isn't enough for IMOP to get out of the bottom section of the ballot.

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