Friday, May 20, 2022

Party Games 29/38 The Great Australia Party

Reading through the website of the Great Australia Party one can only come to one conclusion; they've been suckered in with sovereign citizen nonsense and taken it seriously. They've put some of the letters they've sent to the AEC about the nomination of some of their candidates (one didn't fill out the form properly and was rejected, and another is ineligible due to being an undischarged bankrupt) and while I'm sure they put them up hoping to garner sympathy, all they've done is make me admire the patience of the AEC's chief legal officer. Some of their email signatures are out there as well, citing among other things the United States Code and The Holy Bible, King James Version, Anno Domini 1611 Edition (very specific) as protection against the email being disclosed against there wishes (and I'm sure they've got the ok from everyone on the email chain to post the emails on their site).

On the policy side, they want to get rid of both the GST & income tax, take a much stricter stance on crime, making the Nuremberg code law (anti-vaxxers like to use the Nuremberg code's requirement for voluntary consent to being a part of medical experimentation as a justification for opposing vaccine mandates), getting rid of gun regulations, and want zero net immigration. 

I'm not sure why they have a random page about some sort of special cleaning solution.

Even if they had some policies I could agree with, the sovereign citizen nonsense makes it impossible to support them. If you take the position that the Governor General no longer has authority because of a wording change in legislation, and do things like appeal to the UK Privy Council despite that being made no longer a thing in 1986, or nominate while being an undischarged bankrupt after having previously been kicked out of the senate for the same thing, I don't trust you to run the country.

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