Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Party Games 47/54 Rise Up Australia Party

Rise Up Australia is another right wing party checking most of the right wing boxes. Anti-muslim immigration, fear about sharia law, getting rid of unfair taxes on homes and farms, restrictions on foreign ownership, opposition to multiculturalism (while rejoicing that Australia is multi-ethnic, and that people who come here are free to celebrate their own diverse backgrounds (I don't quite get that one)), tariffs to protect local industry, protection of religious freedoms including the freedom to discriminate based on religious beliefs, opposition to gay marriage, opposition to abortion, opposition to the carbon tax and denial of climate change, love of sports, and the setting up of an Australian oil market that will be completely decoupled from the world market in which oil producers will sell oil for below the world market price rather selling on the world market and making more money.

I've seen it all before, and it again fails to inspire.

Rise Up Australia is running senate candidates in all six states and both territories.

website: http://riseupaustraliaparty.com/
twitter: @RiseUpAus

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