Sunday, September 01, 2013

Party Games 35/54 Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop the Greens)

The Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop The Greens) are a group of nature enthusiasts who enjoying getting in touch with nature by driving around it in their 4WDs. They are against rules banning vehicles from national parks as representative of too much government regulation in general.

In addition to letting 4WDs into national park they want to permit access by foot, horse, bicycle, car, boat and aircraft, because so many national parks have landing strips handy. They also want to be allowed to hunt in national parks, and getting rid of all protected marine reserves.

They have a motorbike policy that appeals to me. No tolls for bikes (although I'm happy with the existing lower tolls I pay), more motorcycle parking, and equivalent safety priority of cars are all good. Lane splitting I'm mixed on. On driving in general they want higher speed limits and no "anti-hoon" laws.

On other issues they are small l liberals, being for lower taxes, less government regulation, introducing recall elections, and sunset clauses on legislation.

On the Greens they feel that the Greens are too extreme in protecting the environment by preventing people using them in any way, whereas the Outdoor Recreation Party want to get out and enjoy nature. They're somewhat making a strawman out of the Greens here, and I'm not convinced that allowing unrestricted access for vehicles in national parks won't have a negative impact over time.

The Outdoor Recreation Party are running candidates for the senate in all six states.

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