Monday, September 02, 2013

By the Numbers 35/52

Amongst all the political spam I'm putting you through, I should keep up with logging my performance for the week.

It's not been the best week. With my bike broken down I've been catching a 5:40am bus to get to work and getting home around 5:30pm. This hasn't left me much energy for other pursuits.

Net cash: -$0.51
Pretty close to balanced overall. The fact that this doesn't include any grocery shopping has been offset by higher transport costs.
Jobs applied for: 0

Net Calories: ?
I forgot to keep records for most of the week. There was a fair bit of snacking so it wouldn't have been good.
Fitocracy points: 0
Weight: I'll check when I get home this evening.

Bike riding: 0km 
Broken bikes don't go very far
Books read: 0
Games played: 8. Hawaii, Vikings, 6x Magic: The Gathering
Political parties reviewed: 40
This project is taking a lot more work than I predicted, but I should get it all done by Saturday, but not to the quality I initially intended. Plus, I occasionally need to take a break to calm down.

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