Sunday, September 01, 2013

Party Games 33/54 Non Custodial Parents (Equal Parenting) Party

The Non Custodial Parents (Equal Parenting) Party is mainly focused on issues regard the care of children in families where the parents have split up. Their position is that in such cases parenting should be split evenly with both parents spending equal time with the child unless there is a justifiable cause to do otherwise.

When they get into the specifics there's one part that does raise some questions. Part of their plan is changing the rules to the courts from regarding the interests of the child as paramount to the interests of the child being primary along with the rights of the parents as individuals. The question I have is which rights of a parent would come before the best interest of the child?

Some of their other policies seem to be viewed through a rather narrow prism. Their health policy is to improve care for men, they want tax benefits for parents to be split equally, property and super held before a marriage staying with the original owner, and reforms of the child support laws.

Non family issues include a rejection of wind and solar power because connecting them to the grid is to tough, better public transport. They are also pro same sex marriage. 

The Non Custodial Parents (Equal Parenting) Party have two candidates for the senate in NSW and three candidates for the house of representatives. They also need a lesson in web design.


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