Sunday, September 15, 2013

By The Numbers 37/52

Net Cash: -$162.58
A trip to the dentist, and a lower than normal pay since I took a fair bit of time off last week (a bit more than a day between going to the hospital for the leg and finishing early each day to have better bus options).
Jobs applied for: 3

Net Calories: -24 Calories
On target, and a lot better than the last few weeks
Fitocracy points: 138
Weight: 93kg

Bike Riding: 0 km
Yeah, crutches and bikes don't mix. I'm really hoping I'm allowed to get back to life when I go to the hospital on Tuesday
Books read: 1
I finished The Art of Thinking Clearly. I'm now reading 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson which makes me feel like I'm reading a less good version of Against A Dark Background by Iain M Banks.
Games Played: 2. Roll Through the Ages and a session of DnD.
Bones painted: 1
I started with something easy to start with, since I was a bit out of practice and was working with a limited set of paints (particularly no flesh tones). I need to tidy up some of the high lights and the inside details aren't finished, but it's turning out ok. I was planning to make it look like stone, but coal black is a lot greener than I thought it would be and so green it is.

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